Collegio della Guastalla

Collegio della Guastalla owes its name to Paola Ludovica Torelli, Countess of Guastalla, who founded it in Milan in 1557 with the aim of providing instruction and education to destitute girls. The Palace is surrounded by a large park: today's Giardini della Guastalla.

Over the centuries the work of the Collegio has never stopped, adapting itself to the times and changes of the the society. In 1938 it moved to Monza at the Villa Barbò Pallavicini, the current headquarters, prestigious noble residence built in 1815. From Milan come the furnishings, the paintings, the historical archive, the interior of the chapel and many of the historical-artistic testimonies of Holy art. Collegio della Guastalla is today a school.

Collegio della Guastalla can be visited by appointment, free of charge, by contacting the Secretariat.
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The Guide

The guide is the lively reconstruction of the School’s 500-year history. Documents, artistic works and paintings from the historical site of Milan (the area of ​​the current Giardini della Guastalla) are here analysed. The neoclassical Villa Barbò Pallavicini of Monza, home of Collegio della Guastalla since 1938, hosts this rich heritage that ranges from the 16th century up to today.
96 pages to read, look at and enjoy: five centuries of art, spirituality, daily life. It is a precious book.

It is possible to buy the guide at Collegio della Guastalla.

A “Child-oriented” Art Gallery

The Collegio Della Guastalla opens to all those who want to enjoy a close meeting with art, mainly children and young people who will have the opportunity to live a full immersion experience with art and history. Indeed, some expert tutors will introduce them to the reading of works of art through the use of objects, materials and instruments specially made for activities proposed in the presence of historical documents and works of art.

Every work of art is introduced favouring a sensual perception experience made possible by a close meeting with art.
Similar museums are not existing in Italy nowadays, this is the reason why children and young people will enjoy an exclusive child-oriented experience.

The project, mainly aimed at Infant, Primary, Middle Schools but likely to be of some interest to the Secondary school as well, is edited by CREA (Centro di Ricerca per l’Educazione attraverso l’Arte), Università Cattolica di Milano, and it has been realised with the consultancy of some teachers of Collegio Della Guastalla.

From Monday to Saturday 8.00-10.00; Tuesday, Saturday 15.30-16.30
Booking is kindly requested to enjoy a visit with a tutor
Tel. : (+39) 039 74 04 70 or

Collegio della Guastalla today

Today Collegio della Guastalla is a private School, with a two-year-old nursery school, a nursery school, a primary school, a middle school and secondary schools. From 1557, the educational challenge has continued with a solid cultural and educational project both aimed at the human and Christian growth of the young generations.

The heritage of the historical institution is administered by Fondazione Collegio della Guastalla. Fondazione Opere Educative has instead the ownership of the schools where, every day, hundreds of people experience the educational offer of Collegio della Guastalla and the lively beauty of its artistic and cultural heritage, in a spirit of openness to the whole reality.

For information visit the website or contact the Secretariat.
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